Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Back to School - The importance of nutrition

Nutrition for School Children

The “Back to School” season is here and getting back on track for most parents and young children can often be exciting but also a stressful time of year. Juggling schedules and priorities can often seem like a circus act, so this is why I’ve taken the time to let you in on a few secrets of mine in order to maintain health and vitality for the whole family.

As a Family

Plan ahead

By marking the calendar with the days of the week that are going to work best for grocery shopping, food preparation and activity.  You may notice that by staying organized and following through with your family dates that you have more time to spend together.

Get creative as a team in the kitchen!  

Not only will this encourage kids to help out with preparation, but children may also be more willing to try new foods and recipes.  This is a great way to lead by example so that they can slowly learn about the importance of whole foods, and all while having fun!

Trust me, a kitchen dance party goes a long way!

Consider individual's food sensitivities 

This is important for everyone in the family!

Although this can seem like a foreign topic for most, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of addressing foods that may not be suitable for them.
Some of the bigger culprits such a gluten, dairy, and sugar can often be responsible for the underlying symptoms of many inflammatory health conditions.

For both children and adults; Autism, Asthma, ADD / ADHD, Allergies, Cold and Flu, as well as skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis can all be triggered by food sensitivities.  

There are many ways to discover what foods will act as jet fuel versus foods that will act as poisons to your body.  Consider muscle and allergy testing, as well as an elimination diet to discover your body’s needs.

For Parents 

Include adaptogenic herbs

Supplementing an herbal complex can be very beneficial for higher than average stress levels.  It will help to support physical and mental stress and improve energy levels.

Most days you are everyone’s superhero in the family and even at the office; however you may not be feeling so hot. 

Fatigue or feelings of “hitting the wall”, as well as irregular or disturbed sleep can be important signs that you and your adrenal glands are exhausted.  

Make time for Self-Love 

And on a regular basis...

If daily rituals are not your thing, try your best to incorporate time for yourself to put your feet up and recharge every so often.  Including your favourite activities such as reading or nature walking, a warm bath or listening to music during these times, are awesome ideas!

Pediatric Support

Recognize cognitive care 

Good nutrition is essential in developing children’s back-to-school experiences.  Kids are forever growing and their nutritional needs are high.  

Include high potency fish oil that has omega-3 fatty acids for improving focus and attention in the classroom.  This can often be the primary deficiency involved with children who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

Build immunity

Use whole foods – not sugar!  This is a huge concept that should become a household habit.  

Nourishing youngsters with natural sugars through fruits and vegetables is ideal.  White sugar is responsible for shutting off the immune system for up to 6 hours at a time.  
No wonder the whole grade gets sick during cold and flu season!  

Vitamin D supplementation as well as a good quality children’s probiotic are wonderful essentials that buddy up well with a sound diet.

With the fall months just around the corner, I am now confident that everyone will have a successful time going back to work and back to school!

About the author

Taylor Sullivan - Holistic Nutritionist - Ottawa Holistic Wellness
Taylor brings passion and enthusiasm to her work as a holistic nutritionist. Her desire to promote healthy living began at young age where competitive sports and outdoor adventures filled her free time. During these years, she suffered from sports induced asthma, struggling with it for more than 10 years. She was heavily reliant on inhalers of all types to prevent it from affecting her activity level and performance.


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