Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Inflammation and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can change your life in an instant. One moment you are driving to your destination and the next, impact occurs. In the days and weeks following, sleeping problems, digestive issues, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, headaches and certainly body aches and pains are the most troublesome symptoms. For some, these troubles can become chronic and make daily tasks or return to work a challenge.

During a motor vehicle accident, the mechanics occur when your car is struck, or your car hits something. The car stops very suddenly. Your seatbelt does help your skeletal system stay in place, but the head, arms, legs continue to move until it something stops them and then rebound back. 

Furthermore, your internal organs keep moving forward until your skeletal system stops them and they also will rebound back. No doubt this can cause instant flares of inflammation throughout your joints and internal organs. Head and neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain are all common symptoms after a motor vehicle accident. Headaches, brain fog, vision problems are more subtle signs of inflammation but can be, at times, the most debilitating.

Knowing that inflammation can be apparent with acute localized pain, you get checked at the hospital for various major injuries. Once major injuries are ruled out, you are often left with discomfort and a feeling of being unwell. Conventional pain medications may be prescribed to help reduce the pain, but unfortunately, they aren’t always useful in healing the tissues and joints that may have been involved.

Using natural herbal substitutions can help reduce the inflammatory molecules being formed in your body while giving your body the opportunity to heal with less side effects. It is also the best time to start more physical rehabilitation including acupuncture, chiropractic, massage or osteopathic treatments to help heal the underlying causes of tissue and joint inflammation and pain. This combined approach helps you to actively heal from your motor vehicle accident to help restore health to your body.

About the author

Dr. Josée Boyer is a board certified bilingual Naturopathic Doctor with a general family practice. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree (Biomedical Sciences) from Laurentian University, in her native Sudbury, Ontario before pursuing her naturopathic medical training in Toronto.

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