Sunday, 1 November 2015

Supporting your body to heal your mind

Depression and anxiety can be debilitating each in their way. 

When suffering from depression, unhappiness, low motivation and lack of energy is too difficult to overcome. More than just having the blues, depression comes with feelings of despair that things won't get better or change. In dealing with anxiety, feelings of worry, nervousness and apprehension can stop you in your tracks. Anxiety is overwhelming and pervasive, leaving you frazzled, constantly over-thinking and unfocused.

Seeking help

There is often shame in seeking help for mental health issues. You would like to be able to overcome it with the help of family and friends. It can be frightening and intimidating to speak to a health professional about your emotions due to the stigma that still exists around mental health. Patients can be resistant to receiving treatment since it means they have to admit there is something wrong within themselves that needs fixing. "If I could only just snap out of it, I'd feel better" is something I hear frequently. However, it becomes necessary to support your body throughout mental health concerns.

Supporting your body

If your brain and your body are always overwhelmed with the feelings of anxiety and depression it can be difficult to work on your emotions through mindfulness, breathing exercises, thought stopping techniques, meditation and the like. Using fear as an example, if your body is always feeling shaky, dizzy, with pressure in your chest, numbness in limbs and your mind on overdrive doing cognitive based exercises like meditation and mindfulness will be difficult to accomplish. By supporting your body using herbs, nutrients, or even acupuncture, we are working on decreasing the physical response to anxiety so you can 'feel' calm, so you can slowly begin working on actually 'being' calm.

The emotional and cognitive based techniques will be the long-term solutions to managing varying moods and bridging the gap between the physical symptoms and the emotional symptoms of anxiety. Support your body and heal your mind.

About the author

Dr. Josée Boyer is a board certified bilingual Naturopathic Doctor with a general family practice. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree (Biomedical Sciences) from Laurentian University, in her native Sudbury, Ontario before pursuing her naturopathic medical training in Toronto.

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