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Emotional Blueprint and Intuitive Reflexology: An Introduction

Emotional Blueprint and Intuitive Reflexology: An Introduction

I have a nursing background and have been a certified reflexologist since the year 1995. My love of this art has been a huge part of my working world for all of these years, and I am now, wanting to share with other practitioners and reflexologists, the work I have developed over the past 19 years.

Traditional Reflexology to me is a gift, both to those who practice it, and also the huge benefits it brings our clients. By connecting ‘sole to soul’, I have received immeasurable intuitive insights that have proven very effective in assisting my clients to understand their emotional patterning, and to bring their emotions into a better place of balance. Once the emotions are released from the cellular memory of the body, I have had the enormous pleasure in observing clients relieve their often paralyzing emotions, as well as often relieving or totally shifting the physical body of chronic pain, digestive issues, migraines, much to many to mention!

I have studied the Chinese medical Model since the year 2000, and became certified in Qi Gong the same year. I apply these also, ancient teachings within my intuitive reflexology sessions and entitle the work, ‘Emotional Blueprint’.

I believe, as many would agree, that the body is the last to let go of the emotional experience. A person can visit a psychologist for ten years and still be riddled with chronic pain and the same emotional issues that are triggered over and over again. I also believe that imbalanced emotion, experienced repeatedly, is often the foundation for physical disease and pain.

In accessing the reflexes of the feet I am able to chart the course, linking ‘sole to soul’, through the actual reflexes and the soul of the client I am working with. The intuitive process kicked in immediately, as so as I started working with clients, and reflexology is the route I feel that is most ideal for enriching the clients experience, physically as we explore the emotional process.

With working on the feet, the client and myself are able to connect through the eyes, and the reflexology involves a less invasive process, whereby trust can readily be experienced.
The ancient Taoist masters of China, believed and taught that specific emotions are stored in the vital organs of the body. The organs support one another in what is referred to as the ‘Cycle of Creation’.

Together, we tap into the genetics of the ‘Emotional Blueprint’..feel it, understand it’s origin and most importantly, dissolve the pattern, to free you of it’s grip!

About the author

Deborra Cameron is a certified reflexologist and Qi Gong instructor.

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