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Homeopathic remedies for Shingles

I have been asked a lot about Zostavax the zoster vaccine for shingles.  I have spoken to a number of older people who are concerned about shingles and they have heard a lot about this new vaccine.

I will always tell my patients it is necessary to speak to your doctor and do the appropriate research before making any decisions about getting a vaccine or deciding to not to do so. It has to be your own decision and one about which you are confident and happy.  I will not advise you as to what to do. However, what I can do is tell you that there are homeopathic remedies to help you should you get shingles.

If you need more information about what shingles is, you can read up about it at the Mayo Clinic website:

There are more than a hundred number of homeopathic remedies for shingles and so you need to observe closely to match your particular symptoms to the right remedy.  I list below only a handful of the most common remedies for shingles.  Try a remedy from below of it seems to fit your picture and consider consulting a professional homeopath if you see no results on self-prescribing.  Remember that with homeopathy the success of the prescription depends on matching the picture well.  Only take a remedy up to 3 times and if it offers no improvement move onto your next choice. I would recommend you use 30C.

If you are already seeing a homeopath you should contact him or her first but if you cannot reach anyone and you have your constitutional remedy - it would be the first place to start.  Take that remedy and see if it helps you.

Rhus Toxicodendron (Rhus tox) is a classic remedy for chicken pox.  It also happens to be rather useful for shingles. Rhus tox is in fact the poison ivy plant and it is significant to note that the rash one would have after brushing against such a plant produces a very similar looking rash as that produced by the shingles (zoster) virus.  There is inflammation, intensely painful blisters and unrelenting itching.  In order for this remedy to work it must fit the picture: you get temporary relief on applying a warm compress or having a warm bath; you are very restless and moving about a lot in an attempt to feel better; you are more likely to have left sided symptoms with this remedy picture.

Ranunculus Bulbosus is an effective shingle remedy when there is severe nerve pains that can feel like stabbing pains around the ribcage; these are worse for the slightest touch; and moving makes the pain worse.  This remedy picture can include a rash on the left side of the chest that are slightly bluish in hue.

Iris Versicolor is indicated when the rash is worse on the right; often on the right side of the abdomen and under the right arm.    There could also be headaches, burning in the stomach and vomiting which are ameliorated with a walk outside in fresh air.

Arsenicum Album is another useful remedy for someone who is very chilly, extremely restless and anxious, tremendously fatigued and worse after midnight.  The interesting thing with this remedy type is that they have burning pains that paradoxically feel better for warmth.  This patient is usually very thirsty for cold drinks and will sip their drink frequently.

Mezereum is worth trying if the rash is intensely painful and itchy where the blisters are oozing, bright red and the blisters may burst to form brown scabs.  The rash is made worse for hot applications or getting warm in bed and may be better for cold compresses.  This remedy's rash is found most often on the scalp and face. This patient feels "cold to the bone" or "frozen".

Other remedies for shingles include:  Apis; Cantharis; Lachesis; Mercurious; Natrum Muriaticum; Petroleum; Pulsatilla; Sepia; Sulphur; Thuja; and Variolinum (to name but a few of the many options.)

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