Monday, 29 September 2014

Using Hypnosis to Boost Academic Performance

Successful academic performance is the key to opening doors to our future.

As humans, we have a strong desire to learn and to understand.  This is evident to anyone observing two-or three-year-old asking “why” or “how” seemingly five times a minute.  This desire does not go away as we age even though how we express it may change. We have an equally important desire to perform well in everything we do; no one wants failing grades or for their teacher to think they are under performing.  Yet, some of us may face challenges in performing to our full potential. Sometimes we get stuck in patterns that do not lead to success. This is where hypnotherapy can help!

If we overcome these patterns, we can improve our results.  
Hypnosis can help us become more focused in reading, retention and recall.  In addition, it can help us with stress reduction and test anxiety and replace it with confidence and better mental focus.

Research has proven that this approach is effective with university and college students. While there are several published studies, two of them are provided here as examples.  In one study of 119 college students, those who underwent hypnosis had a significant improvement in test scores. In another study involving medical students, the hypnosis helped decrease stress levels and resulted in fewer illnesses during exam period.

Imagine entering an exam room feeling calm and relaxed.  When we are calm and relaxed, we have easier access to the creative part of our minds to interpret the meaning of the exam questions, to access the material we learned and to write well-formulated answers.

In order to give students the competitive advantage, the hypnotherapist discusses various keys to academic success, including how to better focus, cultivate healthy study habits, decrease distraction, increase comfort with homework, and increase motivation and confidence. 

Learning these skills now will prepare the student for the rest of his or her life. This includes being ready for the transition from academics to the workplace. Every supervisor appreciates employees who can remain focused and deliver on their goals!

Derrick Barnes,
Registered Social Worker 

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