Monday, 29 September 2014

Homeopathy for students

One might ask how homeopathy would be helpful for students.  To begin with homeopathic remedies are not very expensive, are easier to find these days (in health food stores and alternative pharmacies) and they keep practically forever as long as they are stored properly.


But why else might they be of interest to a student…?  

Well, the first remedy students might want to know about is Nux Vomica (AKA Columbrina)  This is actually a stomach and liver remedy and so – you guessed it – this makes it a fantastic hang-over remedy.  It is for after you have had too much food and alcohol and you feel nauseated; headache-y; sensitive to light, odors, or noise; and/or as if you want to vomit but even if you do - this doesn’t bring you relief; and also for when you feel worse on first waking in the morning.  This occasion then calls for Nux Vomica. 

It is important to note that homeopathic remedies should be prescribed for the individual and that they will only work if the remedy and patient closely match one another.  In other words, the  person needing Nux Vomica is ambitious, hard-working, and has a type “A” personality.  They are competitive, impulsive, impatient, fastidious sorts who often crave stimulants such as coffee, chocolate, alcohol, tobacco and drugs in order to maintain their intense, frenetic craziness.  The Nux Vomica person likes to work hard and play hard.  But eventually this can lead to an inability to concentrate, and ultimately burn out and collapse.  

As well as being a popular hangover remedy it is also a well known remedy for collapse from overwork.  A person who would benefit from Nux Vomica is often chilly; is sensitive to drafts; prone to migraines, hay fever, gastrointestinal issues like heartburn, indigestion, gas and constipation from rich food; insomnia,  and headaches accompanying constipation.  Oh…and this person can be extremely irritable, critical and easily angered,

Take Nux Vomica 30c once and then wait to see how you are feeling. Repeat the dose after a half an hour.  Take up to three times then stop.  If you aren’t feeling any better after a third dose then this isn’t the remedy for you and you aren’t as irritable as you might have thought you were.  It is important to note that you MUST STOP TAKING THE REMEDY as soon as you have any improvement.  Your body will continue to heal itself and so must be given the chance to do so.  If you repeat the remedy too often that can stop it from working and you’ll have no chance of recovering from that blasted hangover. (Just kidding!)

School can be stressful with deadlines, exams, extreme mental effort, parties, stimulants and not enough sleep. This is why if this picture above of the hardworking, hard playing, ambitious, over-extended picture of a Type A personality is YOU – then consider Nux Vomica.  It will even be good to have in your bag when you return home for Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays because not just unhealthy things can cause someone to need Nux Vomica.   Too much of anything (even good home cooking) can cause you to feel this way and can be helped with a dose or two of this remedy.

Maria Reid

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