Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How Psychotherapy can help weight loss

Psychotherapy could help losing weight by addressing skills about healthy lifestyle (eating habits and physical conditions) and also by addressing believes around weight. There are simple guidelines to follow for achieving “normalized eating” which does not involve any diet. In general psychotherapy Clients are encouraged to learn more about themselves – for food related inquiry Clients could further find out their Blood type and Ayurveda type and then follow those respective food and lifestyle guidelines (in order to fine-tune the effectiveness of their digestive systems).

Psychotherapy also addresses weight loss if caused by eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating). There are certain underlying thoughts and emotions that cause one wanting to eat when not even hungry. These issues are not easy to pinpoint however during therapy sessions could be identified. For example, for some this could be a deep subconsciously feeling of worthlessness, for some believes that they are lonely and depressed or that they are “dumb girls”. There are also several known common thoughts and feeling that people with eating disorders often share: trying to control food intake and weight, anger towards body, sense of personal ineffectiveness, a drive for perfection (associated with a believe that one will be happy once thin), feelings of guilt etc.

False believes about oneself originated from childhood and in most cases Clients are unaware of them. Also, they have a subconscious need to escape from being in present because certain painful feelings would emerge and eating, as a distraction, is letting one flee. In therapy Client becomes aware that these feelings are not overwhelming and could be allowed. Client learns to believe that one is bigger them their emotion as well compulsion (addiction) and that the addiction is just one part of themselves that was once developed as a defense.

Holistic psychotherapy recognizes that (food)addiction is one’s biggest teacher in life and letting it go allows not just weight loss but being fully alive.

Eva Bognar


Ottawa Holistic Wellness


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