Monday, 28 July 2014

Do I have to talk about my secrets in Hypnotherapy?

Let’s face it, we all have things that we would prefer to keep to ourselves.

One concern for many clients in any type of therapy is whether or not they need to disclose their personal information.  This concern can create resistance to seeking help or may result in clients misinforming the therapist.  It can also become a preoccupation for the clients as they are strategizing which information they may or may not want to share; this preoccupation may impede obtaining optimal results from the sessions.  

In hypnotherapy, I can help coach you towards your goals or offer new perspectives without knowing the details of the situation.  I can offer what is called “content-free” hypnosis.  Basically, this means that I can offer sessions without knowing the personal information that you do not want to share.  Instead of focusing on “what happened/what is wrong?”, my focus is “where do you want to go/what strengths are you bringing to the situation?”.   Using this technique, I do not need to know the past details, unless you choose to share them.

Another concern is “do people blurt out deep secrets during hypnosis”.  The answer is both “yes” and “no”.  It does happen occasionally and it is usually related to some insight that the person obtains. It goes something like “oh, I reacted this way because of ______”.  This information often comes unsolicited from the client and it is the client who decides to share.   The client could also arrive at that same insight and not say a word out loud. Throughout the hypnosis session, clients remain in full control and can decide which information, if any, they wish to disclose.

I have yet to have a client share information during hypnosis session that was not related to the topics we had discussed before the session, but, in the off chance that something is revealed, you can rest assured knowing that the session is confidential within the confines of the law.  Clients who want to share background information, tend to do so before or after the hypnosis part of the session.

All this to say that you get to choose which information you would like to share during our sessions and which pieces of information remain private to you. This is true before, during and after the hypnosis sessions. I can offer you content-free sessions which can be powerful and enlightening experiences. Content-free sessions are also useful for you if want to come in just to try hypnosis, to relax or to get a break from the daily demands of world. 

Derrick Barnes

Registered Social Worker
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Ottawa Holistic Wellness Centre 

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