Wednesday 2 July 2014

Hypnosis, an Effective Technique for Helping with Weight loss

One of the most common questions I get asked when I tell people that hypnosis is extremely effective in promoting weight loss is “if you hypnotize me, will the weight just come off”.   
While I wish it was that simple, it is simply not how weight loss works.  Successful, long-term weight-loss requires much more than a quick fix which tends to produce temporary resultsWe know that will-power alone is often not enough to maintain long-term changes to one’s diet or exercise pattern. By working with a hypnotist, clients can work towards their weight-loss goals through coaching and other hypnotic techniques that will help maintain these changes.

In hypnosis sessions, the client is looked at from a holistic perspective. The hypnotist deals with the emotional motivators for the client’s eating patterns and works with them to create new positive ways to deal with life’s challenges; for example, going for a walk when stressed or better yet, teaching new coping skills to remove the stress completely. The hypnotist also considers several associated causes of weight gain, such as stress or lack of sleep.  During the sessions the hypnotist and client look at the ongoing patterns and potential solutions that work for the client in order to facilitate long-term changes. 

Studies have shown that you can expect many health benefits through achieving and maintaining an optimal weight, including: increased energy, deeper sleep, better health indicators such as improved levels of blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.  You can also enjoy improved mobility, a decreased risk of Type 2 diabetes, improved enjoyment of leisure and physical activities and better mood.  Isn’t it time to give yourself these health benefits and the improved quality of life that you want and deserve?

Research has demonstrated that hypnosis can help clients lose weight and keep it off ( and;2-Z/abstract). 

I am more than happy to work with clients using outside weight-loss programs.

Derrick Barnes, Registered Social Worker
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


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