Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Exercise may promote gut health and aid weight loss

Our gut health is a important key to our optimal health and wellbeing; from dictating the function of our immune system and psychological processing, to influencing our weight.

A recent study has found that athletes, who exercise intensely for long periods of time and eat a high-protein diet, have greater diversity of gut bacteria, which may have immune enhancing effects.

One specific species of bacteria found in larger amounts in the athletes’ gut has been linked to reduced risk of obesity and whole body inflammation.

In addition to eating an overall more varied diet, including more fruits and vegetables, than the controls, protein accounted for 22% of the athletes’ energy intake, compared to 15-16% for controls.

A previous study has showed that average people (non-athletes) who eat a high-protein diet tend to have far less diversity of gut bacteria compared to those who eat less meat.

Dominick Hussey

Osteopathic Manual and Functional Medicine Practitioner

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