Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What services at Ottawa Holistic Wellness can be claimed under the u Ottawa Students Extended Health Plan?

The Ottawa U student extended health care plan is set up by the Student Federation of the university of Ottawa (SFOU). The health plan is underwritten by Green Shield Canada, which is the only non-profit benefits provider in Canada.

Based on your Benefits Plan Booklet published by SFOU (Revised on September 1, 2012), the following services provided at Ottawa Holistic Wellness are covered:

*Requires a Doctors precription.

The maximum your plan pays for the above services is $35 per visit up to a combined total for all services of $500 per benefit year.

Other services that may be covered under your plan include Nutritional Counseling and Kinesilogy.

If you are a student at Ottawa U and suffer from a health issue but are unsure about which of the above therapies to try we offer a free 15 minute 'no obligation' consultation in which we will help you choose the most appropriate treatment path for you. Book your free 15consultation online NOW.

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