Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Does Natural Nutrition Really Work for Depression?

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Several biochemicals such as serotonin, blood sugar, certain hormones, nutrient levels, blood pH (the balance of acid and alkaline substances in the blood), and other bodily chemicals are found crucial for treating depression and maintaining positive mood.  

Natural nutrition has been found to be a natural, drug-free program that combines the best of the conventional and alternative approaches [Dr. Gabriel Cousens – Depression Free for Life].  Foremost among the natural treatment methods is the use of amino acids as precursors to activate the most important mind- and mood-altering neurotransmitters and therefore the brain’s pleasure centers.  These increasingly popular supplements directly affect brain chemistry and can act as natural drugs with immediate beneficial effects on mood.  Essential fatty acids, diet and lifestyle changes are part of a proven strategy for repairing and reactivating the brain’s pleasure centers.  

These natural methods are safer and, over the long term, may be even more effective at relieving depression than conventional antidepressant drugs and are solidly based on scientific studies that have been conducted over the past decades on how natural chemicals in the body and brain intimately affect mind and mood.

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Karolyn Boyd

Nutritionist Ottawa

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