Wednesday 30 April 2014

Does Light Therapy Really Help Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Does Light Therapy Really Help Seasonal Affective Disorder?
The long nights and dull days of winter can cause some people to experience feelings of low mood; this is called Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD or ‘Winter Depression’. SAD is thought to be caused by an imbalance in the production of a ‘sleep hormone’-melatonin. The increased light levels can cause the reduction of ‘sleep hormone’ production and, thus, reduce the related symptoms.

Light therapy is a standard treatment of seasonal affective disorder and related symptoms including:

•  Chronic fatigue syndrome
•  Lowered motivation
•  Increased need for sleep

In my light Therapy treatments I use the Bioptron light system, a system worldwide patented light therapy medical device with a specific optical unit emitting light that is similar to the part of the electromagnetic spectrum produced naturally by the sun but with no UV radiation with min. of 10 000 lux which is beneficial for the SAD treatment.

Scientific studies suggest that light therapy may help with the symptoms of SAD.


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