Wednesday 30 April 2014

Can a Relationship Coach Help with Depression or Anxiety?


I teach my clients emotional fitness skill in order to manage unhelpful feelings that interfere with their relationships and quality of life.  

Emotions are really valuable- they help us to know who we are, and what we like and dislike.  They infuse us with the passion necessary to write songs, fall in love, take care of our families, and experience other feelings including joy, sadness, anger.  However, most of us haven’t been taught how to manage them.  When emotions are super intense, we lose the ability to think and feel at the same time, and can become overwhelmed.   Even feelings of excitement, euphoria, or anger, can lead to impulsive behaviour we often later regret, like overspending, overeating, or getting into arguments.  They can also create a lot of fear and a desire to withdraw from others

Emotional fitness includes the ability to think and feel at the same time, rather than being led strictly by our emotions.  Emotions come and go like waves on the ocean, so we don’t want them driving the bus.

When we are in charge of our emotions, we’re able to much more quickly bounce back from unpleasant moods.

Emotional fitness skills help us to improve our mood, soothe ourselves when we are in distress, express our emotions in a non-threatening way, be comfortable with conflict, take responsibility for our feelings rather than feeling victimized, choose emotions that support us in achieving our goals, and have good relationships- both with ourselves and others.

Marian Meade

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